Danial Beg

Here you will find a collection of some of my interests. Everything from Computer Science projects to hobbies such as car photography and film making.


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Sun Tracking UCSD

This is a project I did in the my summer of my senior year in highschool. I worked at a lab in the Center of Energy Research (CER) at UCSD. There I was tasked on working on a team in making a program that tracked the sun throughout the day. This system would be utilizied to help predict weather as well-continued objects blocking the sun would be read in by this system. We utilized Python to make a computer webcam distnguish the sun from other objects (clouds and such) using Computer Vision (CV).



Worked with a group of (mostly underprivileged) kids to help expand their knowledge about technology (software and hardware). I also organized workshops where kids were taught how to build a computer and organized private tutoring lessons to help them learn coding languages such as Java and Python. Computer Science is becoming such an important field that I think everyone should have exposure to it, even people who might not have a computer in their house.



This is a media group that I started with some of my highschool friends centered around something we all were passionate about: cars. Hypercharged makes YouTube videos and also does automotive photography (most of the work is on Instagram, click the link to check it out!). I am responsible for the majority of the video editing as well as photography for the group's Instagram.


Salomondrin's Garage

I implemented Google’s DialogFlow to build a Google Assistant application that, when prompted, informed the user about various cars that a celebrity known as Salomondrin owned. The application accesses various intents it has to find out about what the user has inputted and outputs a card using the Google Assistant integration. The goal was to inform new subscribers to Salomondrin's YouTube channel about what cars he owned and it has been successful to a degree with over 150 conversations to date.



This is a project we created for a hackathon called Cutie Hack at UCR. The project was an Android based application that took in images of restaurant menus as an input and used Python as well as the Computer Vision package to detect the text in the image and store it as text in a file. We then used Pyrebase to upload that output automatically to a Google Firebase database we had setup which was then accessed by our Android application using Android Studios. The project ended up working with 65% accuracy. I was responsible for most of the Python programming in the project, utilizing OpenCV and also Pyrebase to upload our data to Google Firebase.

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