My name is Danial Beg (as you probably already know). I'm currently a freshman at the University of California, Riverside pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science. This site hosts a lot of my projects and hobbies - I'm trying to put what defines my life on this page so it's definitely a work in progress that'll always be changing.

What am I into? Well, I hope the pictures did a good job but besides computing I LOVE cars! Since a young age I've been fascinated by them and my love and appreciation for them has only grown. Currently I, along with some friends from highschool, created a media group that's focused exclusively on cars: Hypercharged. I do most of the video editing for content that ends up on YouTube as well as photography for our other media outlets such as Instagram. You can find some of my photos I've taken over the years around the site as well as on a dedicated page here on this site.